There are two alternatives for installation:

Both of them require the source code of cisCall (See Request for Download).

Build a Docker image

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose.

  2. Set the environment variables for an HTTP proxy server if it exists.

    $ export http_proxy=''
    $ export https_proxy=''
  3. Build an image.

    $ tar xvf /path/to/cisCall7.tar.gz --remove-files
    $ docker-compose -f cisCall7/docker-compose.yml build
  4. Check installation.

    $ docker container run --rm ciscall --version

Installation using Python package manager

  1. Install the following software and make their commands executable:

  2. Install the following R packages:

    • coin
    • KernSmooth
    • RPMM
    • VGAM
    $ R -e "install.packages(c('coin', 'VGAM', 'KernSmooth', 'RPMM'), \
                             dep=T, repos='');"
  3. Install cisCall7 using pip

    $ tar xvf /path/to/cisCall7.tar.gz --remove-files
    $ pip install -U ./cisCall7 -r ./cisCall7/requirements.txt
  4. Check installation.

    $ ciscall --version